3G Tech Ltd.

International specialist in design and engineering services across the marine industry: Ports + Harbours + Marinas, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Defence, Commercial Marine and Infrastructure, since 2014.

3G Tech is actively involved in the rapidly developing renewables sector, with significant project experience in offshore wind across Europe.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to marine engineering and design, encompassing the entire concept from inception to the minutest detail. Instead of solely concentrating on a vessel or platform, our commitment is to facilitate the success of your marine design project. Our client-centric outlook, coupled with our agile responsiveness and capacity to tailor our methods to your needs, distinguishes 3G Tech as a unique entity.

Experienced team of engineers

3G Tech Ltd
. is a full-service marine and civil engineering consulting firm. In our diverse team of professionals offers a wide range of technical expertise. At Ports & Harbor, We create the framework that makes design solutions based on solid and innovative solutions. Our approach to project planning often includes technical, economic and environment concerns. The objectives of each project are individual matters with a mutual and deep understanding of client needs.

Using solid foundations and strong scientific background We can design and change any type of port infrastructure using top-notch simulating software Your port. Our methods have been verified on several concepts that finally lead to new designs and solutions. Set Your meeting with Us and see what We can do for Your business – Contact.


We offer access to specialist knowledge in the field of maritime safety, taking into account the specificity of the area and the order itself. Our technical analysis meets the requirements of several international organizations including IMO, PIANC, ASCE, USACE, DNV, and others. We work with various entities and hydro-technical offices in the following areas:

  • Navigation analyzes
  • Simulation tests of ship traffic
  • Analytical studies of marine structures’ loads
  • Modeling of port, quay, jetties, and marina solutions
  • Selection of parameters of vessels
  • Marine traffic engineering
  • Modeling of fairways and approaches

Current Projects in 3G Tech

LNG supply chain – from the offshore side

Wind turbines – offshore advanced site planning


The interface between floating assets and the shore facilities is a critical aspect of ports and infrastructure. Our structural engineers and marine civil engineers have been involved with a number of ports and facilities and are able to provide engineering design and advisory services for ports and terminals.


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