Marine Risk

Risk is at present a commonly used criterion of safety assessment. Navigational risk is a complex criterion of navigational safety assessment identify with a risk connected with the performance of certain maneuvers in a given area. We support organizations in their quest to find and implement innovative solutions, evaluation of navigation risk and safety in their transportation (open and restricted sea and inland waters), storage, personnel and security issues.

3G tech Ltd. has over the years been favored with instructions relating to highly specialized maritime projects.

Marine Traffic Engineering

Maritime Traffic Engineering specialize in all maritime developments, safety of ship traffic, off-shore and on-shore construction safety, and many other concerning open and restricted waters with use of latest technology (simulators, tools etc). 3G tech Ltd. offers whole range of possible implementation of research in marine traffic engineering, which includes:

  • supporting the design process of ports, quays, marinas,
  • changes in the existing ports,
  • design of specialized terminals and their equipment,
  • selection of channels approach, turning basins, quays and other,
  • analysis of dynamic conditions (wind, wave, current) and their impacts on hydro structures and ships,
  • probabilistic modeling of vessels behavior,
  • marine systems risk analysis,
  • risk management – systems developing and implementation.

Safety of Navigation Simulation Analysis

In scientific domain 3G tech Ltd. is ready to perform safety of navigation analysis of any water region based on tenths of registered parameters of own and target ships’ in reference to the research area (among others: positions, SOG, COG, SOW, COW, heading, rate of turn, ship’s controls adjustments – propulsion devices, rudders, thrusters, tugs, anchors, mooring ropes, external excitations).

We use the FMBS method which is capable of simulating and varying a total local environment, including capability for advanced maneuvering practice with required aids and providing optimum pilotage training in restricted waterways.

Waterway Optimization

3G tech Ltd. offers a full range of scientific research works in  waterway optimization, with the use of different methods for determination of interactions among a navigator, ship, water region, navigational marks, hydrometeorological and operational factors, in the environment as realistic as possible.

GNSS / Positioning Systems

3G tech Ltd. offers complete marine GNSS positioning solutions that include hardware, software, and connectivity between the construction site and the main office of shipowners, maritime authorities and maritime services.

Vessel Pilot & Docking Systems

Pilot support systems are part of our capabilities. ENC Charts are in our interest.

Vector Chart Application

Weather You need full scale charting application or just simple app – let us know, We might have the solution for You.

Vessel Hydrodynamic & Graphics Modeling

3G tech Ltd. provides the modeling of a ships maneuvering simulation models, which are a complex mathematical model of the behavior of a ship under the influences of a number of modeled parameters reflecting the environment in which it is operating. These modeled parameters extend to sea state, weather conditions, bathymetry and any other external influence that may affect the behavior of the vessel.

3D Scanning and Virtual Reality Systems

3G tech Ltd. has the experienced staff to perform any 3D Scanning task. We measure and scan everything from small, highly detailed parts to complete vehicles. We even scan buildings, bridges, power plants and other large-scale objects.

3D scanning converts physical objects into precise digital models, enabling you to quickly and accurately capture your object’s shape and geometries. Using highly accurate, photo realistic 3D scan data generated with 3D scanning you are able to view as-built documentation in a virtual world. The data can also be surfaced to generate a CAD model which can be used for comparison or reconstruction.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) systems open up the a new realm in imagining possibilities. This technology displays the computer-generated (CG) images within real-world environments, creating the sense that virtual objects actually exist. This all-new imaging technology is expected to be applied in a wide range of fields, from design and manufacturing to maritime, medical care, education, exhibition and entertainment. 3G tech Ltd. delivers the custom hardware and software systems to wide industry.

3G tech Ltd.  products and services disrupt traditional methods, deliver improved results and empower its customers to manufacture the future now.